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The VMI Brick Program Comes to a Close

For nearly 25 years, the VMI Brick Program provided alumni, family, and friends of the Institute a tangible place in VMI’s history. Thousands have taken advantage of the opportunity, but time is running out. The VMI Brick Program will end June 30, 2023.

The brick program was created July 1, 1998, to honor and memorialize alumni and friends of VMI who have a passion for the Institute. Franklin Van Valkenburg ’13, assistant director of annual giving, said, “I appreciate the incredible generosity of my fellow alumni and their dedication to this program over the last quarter-century. It’s humbling to read the names of so many people, recognize an eternal love for our Institute, and feel a connection that spans lifetimes.”

Over 8,000 alumni, family, and friends currently have their name on a brick, and only about 500 spots remain before the program ends in 2023. Van Valkenburg explained, “We’re getting the word out now to ensure there is plenty of time for anyone who wants a brick to have the opportunity to place one.”

Please click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the VMI Brick Program.

For additional questions, contact Franklin Van Valkenburg ’13 by email at vanvalkenburg@vmiaa.org or by phone at 800-444-1839 ext. 239.

  • Franklin Van Valkenburg

    Franklin Van Valkenburg '13 Program Outreach Officer

    The program outreach officer assists with planning and implementing strategies, programs and projects that increase alumni chapter involvement and engagement to the Institute and the Alumni Association. The outreach officer works to support our alumni chapters as well as other stakeholders on post including the Office of Admissions, the Office of Career Services and the commandant’s office. Additionally, he is responsible for the administration of the VMI brick program.