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Ways to Give

Did you put in long hours training for a match in the boxing ring? Was a professor willing to go above and beyond to help you understand a particular lesson in their class? Recall the moments that got you through the dark days of winter and the milestones that spurred you toward your coveted diploma.

The young men and women of VMI are now chasing the same finish line, and you can help them reach it. Gifts to the Institute through annual giving, planned giving, reunion funds, endowments and matching gifts from corporations and foundations support the extraordinary leadership opportunities that VMI continues to foster.

Below, review the many ways you can make a gift to support the Institute.

Make your gift now to the designations of your choice by using our secure, online form.

To make a gift via check:

  1. Print and complete this form.
  2. Mail your check and completed form to:
    VMI Alumni Agencies
    PO Box 932
    Lexington, VA 24450

To make a gift over the phone, please call 800.444.1839.

Please instruct your bank to direct wire transfers using the following information:

Wells Fargo
Credit to: VMI Foundation
ABA Routing #: 121000248 (Wire/ACH/EFT)
Account #: 2000031761183

Please contact VMI Alumni Agencies with any questions: 800.444.1839 or

With your authorization, the VMI Alumni Agencies can debit your checking account monthly in the amount you designate. Gifts will be automatically transferred from your bank account on or about the 15th of each month for as long as you indicate on your form.

  1. Complete the Automatic Bank Draft form.
  2. Mail your completed form to:
    VMI Alumni Agencies
    Attn: Tracy Akers
    PO Box 932
    Lexington, VA 24450

If you have questions, please call 800.444.1839.

Many companies will double or triple your donation through their matching gift programs. Some companies even match donations from a spouse or retiree. Check to see if your employer matches gifts by searching for your company’s name by visiting the page below.

Matching Gift Lookup

Both the VMI Foundation and the VMI Keydet Club are 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. Should you need to provide the tax identification number, they are as follows:

  • VMI Foundation: 54-0505966
  • VMI Keydet Club: 52-1300039

Please contact us with questions at 800-444-1839.

Support VMI by making a charitable gift in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. We accept donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 40 leading cryptocurrencies.

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Contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction and grow tax-free, leveraging the value of your philanthropy. Grants are distributed at your own pace, providing the opportunity to develop a strategic approach that better supports your philanthropic vision.

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Gifts of stocks and bonds are coordinated by VMI Alumni Agencies Accounting Department. VMI Alumni Agencies will direct proceeds from the sale of these assets to any designation you request.

Stock may be given by either of the following procedures:

If stock is being held for transfer at a brokerage firm:

Advise the broker to transfer shares to the following account for the VMI Foundation:

DTC 0226
Truist Investment Services
Account Number: WA7-134816
Broker:  William F. Sowers, Jr.
Staunton, Virginia 24401
Phone Number: (800) 541-3851
Name of Donor
(Broker will need written instructions from the donor.)

Call the Foundation office at 800-444-1839 to inform us of the transfer.

If stock is in certificate form:

Send to the Foundation in one envelope the unsigned certificate(s) with a brief cover letter describing the stock to be donated, including number of shares and certificate numbers. Letter should indicate donor’s intention to make this gift of stock and any designation for its use.

Send in a separate envelope a signed stock power form for each certificate. (Certificate(s) are not negotiable until joined with the signed stock power(s).)

Valuation of the gift for the charitable deduction is based on the average of the high and low sale prices for the day or the average of the bid and asked prices for over-the-counter stocks.

The effective date of delivery for valuation purposes depends on the method used.  If mailed, the postmark determines the effective date.  If hand delivered, the Foundation provides a dated receipt.  If transferred through the broker, the effective date is that of the transfer to the Foundation’s account from that of the donor.

It is not usually advisable to request the issuer to transfer shares to the name of the Foundation, if it can be avoided.  The procedure takes time, and the donor loses control of the effective date of gift and valuation — which is the date of issuing the new certificate.

A stock gift in excess of $500 requires the completion of IRS form 8283 by the donor.  A gift of closely held stock in excess of $10,000 requires a signature on form 8283 by an officer of the Foundation acknowledging receipt of the securities.  If the closely held stock is sold within two years, IRS from 8282 must be filed by the Foundation.

If you have any questions, call Crissy Elliott (1-800-444-1839 ext.252) or Kevin Ryan (1-800-444-1839 ext.218)

Support a cause that’s important to you with a planned gift and take advantage of the many tax benefits of charitable giving.

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