Our Mission

is to inform, engage and inspire support for VMI.

The Alumni Agencies

Between 2014 and 2016, the heads of the Alumni Association, Keydet Club and Foundation thoughtfully and intentionally formed a plan for a combined Agencies headed by a single executive in order to improve support for VMI.

Building on a study done by an outside firm in 1989, three alumni – Turner Perrow ’96, then-Alumni Association president; Hugh Fain ’80, then-Foundation president; and Bill Paulette ’69, then-Keydet Club president – asked Paul B. Maini ’66 and George H. Roberts ’68 to analyze restructuring the agencies. In the past, Maini and Roberts had selflessly served the Agencies and the Institute in numerous capacities. The report thoroughly explored possible organizational structures for a combined Agencies and effects on a committed, active alumni body and – ultimately – the Institute. After receiving and studying this report, Perrow, Fain and Paulette prepared a resolution which proposed restructuring the Agencies under a single chief executive officer.

After a search for senior executives was announced in fall 2016, an outside search firm narrowed the field to six qualified candidates who went through the interview process in the winter. Spring 2017 found Steve Maconi – a retired Naval aviator, who had also successfully served in the Naval Academy Foundation – at the helm as Agencies CEO, directing and guiding the reorganization process.

Restructuring the Agencies is a model of selfless alumni cooperation toward the ultimate objective of advancing VMI.

It is both humbling and inspiring to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the VMI Alumni Agencies — the VMI Foundation, the VMI Alumni Association and the VMI Keydet Club. We are a team of wonderfully talented, deeply committed colleagues focused on our individual responsibilities but all sharing a common purpose: supporting for the Virginia Military Institute, its alumni and the extended family of its friends and advocates.

VMI is indeed a remarkable place worthy of our very best efforts. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope for those young men and women who seek an academic challenge, who accept personal responsibility, who want an opportunity to grow as leaders and who embrace a commitment to an honorable life.

Yet excellence costs, and the leaders and staff of the Agencies are committed to providing robust private funding to VMI through a comprehensive array of outreach and engagement opportunities, each designed to bring our alumni, family and friends closer to VMI and make them aware of its institutional priorities.

And finally, we will strive to continue to strengthen the bonds that make the VMI Family the most connected, most supportive group of alumni and friends in the country.

We hope you will come back to VMI, join us at out-of-area events and reengage with us through this website as well as our publications and social media.

Steve Maconi

Steve Maconi Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Alumni Agencies Board and is responsible for all operations and functions of the VMI Alumni Association, the VMI Foundation and the VMI Keydet Club. The CEO has primary responsibility for building and strengthening relationships with the Institute’s diverse constituencies and for the development and implementation of a coordinated program of philanthropic support from a variety of sources. The CEO works closely with the superintendent and the Institute senior leadership to plan, implement and evaluate all aspects of institutional advancement for VMI.

Philanthropy is a necessary element of our Institute’s vitality.

As the COO of the VMI Foundation, it is my pleasure to work alongside remarkable colleagues and committed volunteers alike, as we advocate for and promote the priorities of this wonderfully peculiar place called VMI. We invite conversations that spark nostalgia, deepen insight, demonstrate the transformative power of generosity, and result in meaningful philanthropic relationships with the Institute.

One such conversation, years ago, resulted in the formation of a family scholarship. I was able to attend VMI thanks to the generosity of that family (and the role of the gift officer). Beyond their significant financial commitment, this family also made a point to visit whenever they came to town. All these years later, their gift and the memory of their encouragement is palpable. I am forever grateful.

To those who invest in what we know to be an extraordinary educational opportunity, you have our heartfelt appreciation for the real life, day to day experiences of living and learning at VMI that your generosity helps bolster. To those searching for the inspiration to act, I hope you will accept the invitation of a gift officer and enjoy a thoughtful conversation.

For the Institute and the VMI Foundation, let’s do great things together.

Meade King

Meade King '85 Chief Operating Officer, VMI Foundation

The primary goal of the VMI Foundation chief operating officer is to raise and steward the funds entrusted to it for the sole purpose of advancing the Virginia Military Institute. With this private money, the VMI Foundation supports constant improvement of academic and co-curricular programs. The COO reports to the VMI Alumni Agencies CEO and also supports the president of the VMI Foundation Board of Trustees. The COO works closely with VMI leadership and across the VMI Alumni Agencies to develop and execute programs consistent with the missions of VMI and the Foundation.

Throughout their years in Barracks, cadets are frequently told of the great strength of the VMI network and of the great benefits alumni derive from participating in it. For those at the VMI Alumni Association, our job is to ensure that this stays true by helping our alumni and friends become informed advocates for VMI and inspiring them to give of their time, talent and treasure in support of our beloved Institute.

In all that we do, we are steadfastly committed to serving our alumni in Barracks and beyond. We educate cadets about what the VMI Alumni Agencies represent and the privileges, responsibilities and obligations they have as alumni. We show them how and where to become engaged with other alumni after graduation. In addition to our work with cadets, we also assist the Institute’s Admissions Office and its Career Services department by marshalling an army of volunteers in their support.

We believe that all alumni deserve a truly awesome experience at their reunions, whether it is a fifth or a fiftieth. Every year, therefore, we support nine reunion classes over the course of four weekends by helping them plan and execute their reunions. Our goal is to have these alumni leave Post with happy memories of renewing their bonds with their Brother Rats and the Institute and a burning desire to come back for their next reunion.

The bottom line is this … everyone in Moody Hall is here to serve our alumni. We pride ourselves on being responsive to their needs and ensuring they have positive experiences with their fellow alumni, the Alumni Agencies, and the Institute. While this website contains a wealth of information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions or require further assistance.

Thom Brashears

Thom Brashears '95 Chief Operating Officer, VMI Alumni Association

The VMI Alumni Association chief operating officer is responsible for the direction of a comprehensive self-governed Alumni Association of nearly 26,000. The COO reports to the VMI Alumni Agencies CEO and also supports the president of the VMI Alumni Association Board of Directors. Responsibilities include formulation of the policies, goals, objectives, programs and procedures of the Association. The COO provides oversight of Association programs and staff to ensure they meet the goals and objectives of the Association’s strategic plan. The COO works closely with VMI leadership, VMI athletics and across the VMI Alumni Agencies to develop and execute programs consistent with the missions of VMI and the Alumni Association.

I have the privilege of leading a team of dedicated professionals who provide accounting, personnel management, financial management, and information technology services for the VMI Alumni Agencies. They also provide management services to VMI Investment Holdings, LLC, which is responsible for the endowments supporting the VMI Alumni Agencies, the Institute, and the George C. Marshall Research Foundation.

Our services to alumni and friends include ensuring that all gifts and commitments are properly credited to their donors and directed on Post according to donors’ intentions. We provide the information that demonstrate to our donors that shows the impact their philanthropy is having on VMI and its cadets and generate the lists that appear in the annual Honor Roll of Donors. This team also helps ensure that the VMI Alumni Agencies fulfill the full range of their duties as fiduciaries.

These actions and the others that we undertake for the Agencies also serve an important function in that they instill within the VMI Family a high level of confidence in the VMI Alumni Agencies as a manager, investor, and steward and therefore increase their willingness to give in support of the Institute and its cadets.

If you have any questions about the work of this team, please do not hesitate to contact us at feedback@vmiaa.org.

David Prasnicki

David Prasnicki Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer serves as a true business partner to the CEO of the Alumni Agencies as well as to the other agency heads. The CFO assists in selecting and engaging outside consultants (auditors and investment advisers) and oversees short and long-term budgetary planning and costs. The CFO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the accounting department, and mail center and also manages personnel policies, and audit committee. The CFO reports directly to the CEO.