bricks and plaque on ground in front of barracks

Brick Program

Updated: April 5, 2024
Posted: November 16, 2020

Please note: The brick program at VMI concluded June 30, 2023, and the final brick order was successfully installed over the March 2024 spring furlough. If you are interested in giving to VMI, please visit our giving page to review Institute priorities or make a gift now.

Whether it’s falling in on the bricks for march down or counting them in the middle of the night on guard duty, bricks hold a unique station in VMI’s collective memory. Many hours of our past have been stamped into them. Understandably, a brick represents both one’s memory of the Institute and its memory of us. So it is appropriate to etch a tangible reminder of ourselves into the bricks for posterity.

Founded in 1998, the VMI Brick Program honors and memorializes those whose passion for VMI has generously manifested itself. After 25 years, the VMI Brick Program is ending June 30, 2023. Now is your opportunity to be recognized for your loyal support of the Institute and its Corps of Cadets.

Notice of Program Changes

Due to limited space available in the brick sidewalk in front of barracks, the ability to earn multiple brick credits has been suspended (to include all credits earned since July 1, 1998). From this point forward, all alumni can qualify for only one brick and only for themselves. Bricks already on order will be honored.

The allowance for placing bricks in memory of deceased alumni has also been suspended. Bricks for deceased individuals that have already been qualified for and on order will be honored.

The Friends and Family section of the bricks will no longer be placing new bricks. Due to limited space available, all remaining bricks are being reserved for VMI alumni joining their class sections. Friends and family bricks already qualified for and on order will be honored.

Additional Questions?

For any other questions, please contact Sydney Coffey:

  • Sydney Coffey

    Sydney Coffey Strategic Operations Officer

    The strategic operations officer aids in providing planning and oversight for the annual giving effort with a goal to maximize software and analytic tools to fundraise across multiple channels which lead to growth in the alumni donor base in support of VMI. This individual oversees cadet philanthropy activities and the annual class efforts focused on the first fifteen years out from graduation.