Brick Program

Whether it’s falling in on the bricks for march down or counting them in the middle of the night on guard duty, bricks hold a unique station in VMI’s collective memory. Understandably, a brick represents both one’s memory of the Institute and its memory of us. Many hours of our past have been stamped into them, whether out of discipline, camaraderie, anxiety or affection. So it is appropriate to etch a tangible reminder of ourselves into the bricks for posterity. Founded in 1998, the VMI Brick Program honors and memorializes those whose passion for VMI has generously manifested itself.

The VMI Brick Program acknowledges those whose cumulative giving to any area of support since July 1, 1998, meets or surpasses $2,500.

Bricks are $2,500.

No. You can give in installments of your choosing.

You can give to any area of financial support.

Please contact Franklin Van Valkenburg ’13 at to check your progress toward getting a brick.

Bricks are ordered en masse in August and February to allow enough time for them to arrive and be installed ahead of fall and spring reunions.

Bricks are inscribed with your full legal name, generally with your middle name initialized. For uniformity purposes, all ranks, titles, prefixes, non-generational suffixes and class years beyond 1924 are omitted.

To an extent. If you go by your middle name and want to initialize your first name, that can be done upon request. Full legal names are used in lieu of shortened names and nicknames. To discuss changes to your brick inscription, please contact Franklin Van Valkenburg ’13 at

Each class receives a brick with their year inscribed on it upon breaking out of the Ratline. Class year bricks are placed at intervals on the sidewalk in anticipation of using all bricks in that section for brother rats of that class.

Bricks are placed on a “first come, first served” basis. We cannot accommodate placing bricks next to roommates, teammates, etc. If you want to have your brick placed next to someone of your choosing, it is advised that you give during the same cycle to ensure your bricks are on the same order together.

Yes! There is a section of bricks designated for Friends and Family of the Institute. It is currently located under the clocktower of Third Barracks where Lejeune Hall is located.

Only if that individual is deceased. Bricks cannot be placed on behalf of another if they are alive. Up to four additional bricks may be earned at $2,500 each beyond your initial brick to place in the memory of others.

Each person may earn five bricks at $2,500 each. One for themselves and four for placing in the memory of deceased individuals.

No. For tax credit purposes and database recordkeeping, only one individual can be associated with a brick.

For any other questions not appearing in this FAQ or to discuss further, please contact Franklin Van Valkenburg ’13:

  • Franklin Van Valkenburg

    Franklin Van Valkenburg '13 Assistant Director of Annual Giving

    The assistant director of Annual Giving works with the director to implement a comprehensive multifaceted Annual Giving program across direct mail, email, phone, giving days, crowdfunding and social media. The assistant director implements annual giving communications, tracks and analyzes communications and efforts, and leads the call center program, identifying creative strategies to increase participation, retention, revenue and stewardship. The assistant director has the responsibility for the management and coordination of all aspects of the VMI Foundation Phonathon Program and leads and manages a staff of cadet callers responsible for solicitation of alumni, family and friends of the Institute. The assistant director reports to the Director of Annual and Reunion Giving.