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Gregory Lippiatt ’09, Ph.D.:

Gregory Lippiatt ’09, Ph.D.


When looking for colleges, Gregory Lippiatt ’09, Ph.D. and Rhodes Scholar, liked VMI’s single sanction honor system.

“It was no nonsense,” he said, talking about the Honor Code. “You knew where you were. If you stay on this side of the line, you’re OK. If you go to the other side, you’re not.”

He was “thrilled” when he learned he had been selected for an Institute Scholarship. “It meant I could go to VMI and not have to worry about any limitations financially. What I really wanted to do became possible.”

VMI gives cadets the opportunity to learn a “great deal” about themselves. For Lippiatt, this began with the Rat Line and carried through to academics. With the encouragement of faculty and staff, he applied for and received a Rhodes Scholarship. He is the 11th VMI Rhodes Scholar. He studied at Oxford University and returned to VMI for one semester as an adjunct professor in 2017.

“It was a lot of fun to be back in Lexington, not as a cadet,” he said, smiling. His time as an adjunct provided him with another great VMI experience.

Lippiatt, a professor at Exeter University in the United Kingdom, continues to use the lessons he learned at VMI.

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