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Why I VMI: David Hoy ’93

Why I VMI - David Hoy '93


A California native, David Hoy, Class of 1993, first saw VMI on Matriculation Day. VMI is a different educational experience, but for Hoy, “It was exactly what I needed and wanted.”

He came to VMI believing “I could truly be or do whatever I wanted to, if I applied myself.” For the Marine Corps veteran and small business owner, VMI not only reinforced that belief, it also taught him tools and strategies to make his dreams come true.

“It sounds really corny, but that’s what VMI really did for me,” he smiled.

His time in barracks gave Hoy—and his brother rats—something besides solid preparation. It gave them a lifelong bond.

“The relationships we have today in our class are still just as strong as they were 25 years ago when we graduated. To me, that’s remarkable. I know that my kids aren’t going to have that when they graduate from college,” said Hoy, talking about his 25th Reunion in 2018. “It’s almost like we stepped back into the ranks back at VMI. … The friendships are just as strong today as they were 25 years ago.

“It’s surreal.”

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