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VMIssion Endures

#VMIssionEndures Week of Giving


Thank you for supporting the VMI Alumni Agencies week of giving, VMIssion Endures, May 10-14! During the five-day fundraising event, [xxxx number of donors] of you came together to give [$xxx dollar total] to VMI.

The campaign was the end-of-year giving appeal to the generous VMI family, who always show such strong support to the Institute. It kicked off May 10 with an email and video message from Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins ’85, superintendent. The campaign’s goal was to secure 1,698 donors—or one for each cadet in barracks.

VMIssion Endures was announced with emails, on social media, and with postcard mailings to members of the VMI family. The campaign kicked off May 10 and ended May 14, right before graduation. The campaign also included a virtual run, with a goal of collectively running 1,698 miles from May 10-31.

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Each year, the financial support of VMI alumni and friends combines to provide 25% of VMI’s budget. This money is allocated in many different ways, depending on donor preferences. Every day, these funds touch every single cadet in barracks and make their VMI experience better. Private support provides direct scholarship help to over half the Corps. It helps retain outstanding professors by boosting their salaries and recognizing them. It pays for cadets and faculty attendance at professional conferences and events. It improves VMI’s Physical Plant. It pays for lab equipment and research costs.

Thank you for taking the time to give to VMI and make it better for the Corps of Cadets.

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