Cabinet Members of the Peay Endowment for Academic Excellence

Members of the Cabinet

John P. Jumper ’66, Chairman
James E. Rogers ’67, Vice Chairman
Thomas G. Slater, Jr. ’66, Vice Chairman
T. Bryan Barton ’68
Hugh M. Fain III ’80
Richard L. Goodall ’66
Bruce C. Gottwald, Sr. ’54
Conrad M. Hall ’65
George P. Ramsey III ’72
Thomas A. Saunders III ’58
W. Ware Smith, Jr. ’62
Ashley L. Taylor, Jr. ’90
Thomas H. Zarges ’70


Stephen M. Maconi, CEO, VMI Alumni Agencies
Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins ’85, Superintendent, VMI
Terrie Conrad, Vice President of Development and Estate Administration, VMI Alumni Agencies
Robert Moreschi, Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty
Dallas B. Clark ’99, Director, Finance, Administration and Support, VMI
Robert L. McDonald, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs VMI
Michael J. Sebastino, Associate Dean for Academic Administration and Planning, VMI
Amy Goetz, Chief Communications Officer, VMI Alumni Agencies


In Recognition of:

In Memory:
Founding Chairman

Donald M. Wilkinson Jr. ’61

Founding Benefactors

Richard L. Goodall ’66
Bruce C. Gottwald Sr. ’54
Conrad M. Hall ’65
Dr. and Mrs. Gary D.V. Hankins ’73
Charles S. Luck III ’55
James L. Rutherford ’67
Thomas A. Saunders III ’58
Donald M. Wilkinson Jr. ’61

Founding Patrons

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell II
James S. Key ’63
G. Gilmer Minor III ’63
Thomas H. Zarges ’70

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