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Matriculation 2022:
Joining an “Embracing Family of Families”

Matriculation and Rat Crucible 2022


Matriculation Day was held Saturday, Aug. 20, beginning the Rat Line for the new academic year. This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first women matriculating at VMI, and this year, 53 females signed the Matriculation Book.

Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins ’85, superintendent, addressed the approximately 375 matriculants and their families.

“You’ve come to VMI to succeed,” said Wins. “We did not bring you here to fail, and we have every expectation that you can and you will make it through the next few months and graduate in a few short years.”

“Always keep in mind why you chose VMI,” he continued, as he highlighted the “brother rat spirit” and the exciting paths ahead for each individual matriculating.

Also speaking during the ceremony was Col. Adrian T. Bogart III ’81, commandant. “This is a very large and embracing family of families,” he said of the VMI community as he welcomed the matriculants and their parents. Through his remarks, he stressed the importance of honor and respect throughout a cadetship, and how these values will carry the new rats through.

The incoming cadets said goodbye to their families, formed up with their companies for the first time, and took the Cadet Oath during the ceremony in Cameron Hall. They then marched up to barracks, where they met their cadre. Within moments, haircuts and training began.

This year’s new cadets come from 31 states and six foreign countries, with 62% from Virginia and 38% from out of state. More than 120 are recruited NCAA athletes. Fifty-one percent are majoring in the STEM disciplines and 49% in the liberal arts. Eighty percent plan on commissioning into the military after graduation.

Upper-class cadets returned Sunday, Aug. 28, and classes began Tuesday, Aug. 30. VMI and the VMI Alumni Agencies are highlighting 25 years of women on social media and in upcoming Institute Reports.

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