Board of Visitors Hears Updates From Two New Committees

Published: December 11, 2020

This past Tuesday, the full Board of Visitors met and received extensive updates from the two new committees: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the VMI Commemorations & Memorials Naming and Review. I would encourage all of you click here to see various information—to include recordings—concerning past meetings.

The VMI Alumni Association Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee has now met five times, including Thursday evening. The great work of this committee continues. Their goal is to make sure that all alumni feel welcome, respected, and celebrated. They will also support the work of the BOV’s DE&I committee as they work through a variety of issues, including the establishment of the Diversity Office at the Institute. Next month, the committee will begin to roll out our education and training program, which includes a partnership with The Citadel. The minority alumni engagement survey has been distributed, and the response, while lower than expected, has provided valuable information which will help design the second part with more detailed and pointed questions.