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Alumni Opinion Survey Results

alumni and 1st Class cadet do an Old Yell on top of the sentinel box in VMI barracks

In 2023, the VMI Alumni Association set out to establish a survey to gain better insight into the degree of alumni satisfaction and the level of engagement alumni have with the Institute. A national market assessment was conducted to identify the leading independent firms that specialize in alumni engagement surveys. Through the process, Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd. was selected based on its expertise and long history of supporting more than 350 colleges and universities in the United States.

The survey was open for 30 days from late August to late September and received a strong 20% response rate from alumni of all decades who live in a broad cross-section of every alumni region. The VMI Alumni Association is very appreciative of the level of participation and for the valuable insight provided that helps make more informed decisions about how to better serve alumni in the years to come.

88.6% of alumni describe their overall experience of VMIAA events as good or excellent. 72.5% describe their overall current opinion of VMIAA as good or excellent.

76.9% rate their decision to attend VMI a "great decision." 18.1% rate it a "good decision." 3.9% rate it a "fair decision." 1.1% rate it a "poor decision."


styled numbers saying 96% place a significant value on protecting the honor system, 96% agree the VMIAA should rigorously protect the personal information and privacy of alumni in their database, and 87% agree VMI is doing a good job producing leaders while navigating challenges of today's world.



to the left, a graphic depicting that 84% of alumni describe their experience as an alumnus/a as good or excellent, and 69.6% have donated at some level to VMI within the last five years. To the right, text that says, "survey results will be shared with Institute leadership to advance the discussion on creating a better and stronger VMI," followed by themes of written comments: 432 individuals (14.1%) mentioned DOI/DEI related keywords. 41 individuals (1.3%) mentioned transparency, most-often related to giving and how donations are used. 46 individuals (1.5%) mentioned voting issues for the VMI Alumni Association members.

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