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Help cadets test their metal, push their limits, experience their best selves to become honorable and able leaders.

Corps Life with Command Sgt. Maj. Suzanne Rubenstein


Why Corps Life?

Private support for VMI’s distinctive leadership training impacts every area of the VMI experience and the rigorous traditions we hold in the highest regard. VMI’s military system and citizen-solider ethos encourages military service, improves training facilities, expands athletic opportunities, and supports those who help cadets develop as leaders.


The religious convictions of our cadets are respected regardless of one’s faith preference, and the religious freedom of all cadets is assured through the Chaplain’s Office.

Leadership Training

Introducing cadets to the responsibilities and rewards of leadership and fostering the development of integrity and self-discipline through the class and regimental systems is integral to VMI’s uncommon purpose. Gift to the Leadership Training Fund will enhance these efforts.

Clubs and Organizations

Cadets are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. Clubs are an opportunity to serve, compete and develop leadership skills. Extracurricular options include marksmanship club, Regimental Band, search and rescue squad, The Bomb Yearbook, fishing club, Ranger Challenge, firefighters and many more.

Club and Intramural Sports

Gifts to the Club and Intramural Sports Fund support the sound physical fitness and leadership opportunities across the Corps. Club sports change from year to year, but may include: Boxing, men’s and women’s rugby, basketball, marathon, trap and skeet, powerlifting and more.

Meet Alex Dragan ’20

Cadet Alex Dragan ’20 finished first in his class of 85 at the U.S. Marine Corps’ Platoon Leaders Course in summer 2018. In recognition of this achievement, he was presented with the prestigious Marine Corps Commandant’s Trophy. “[Dragan] is an impressive young man,” said Col. Craig Streeter ’91, commanding officer of VMI’s Naval ROTC. “He kind of has it all: He’s physically strong, he’s doing really well academically, he’s got leadership potential and he’s active in the Corps of Cadets. He’s just an amazing representative of VMI. To graduate No. 1 is amazing; it’s an extremely competitive field.”

Dragan is one of 10 children, making it difficult for his family to cover the costs of college education. Early on, Dragan made the determination to secure a college education on his own so his father’s G.I. Bill benefit could be used for one of his siblings. Through private support, Dragan is able to attend VMI and represent the Institute on a national level. Dragan added, “I never could have attended VMI without the scholarships I was awarded.”

Academic and Corps Highlights

  • Class of ’67 Scholarship Recipient
  • Institute Scholar
  • Elected to Honor Court

The core of the VMI experience is the quality leadership training cadets receive. For the fourth time in six years, a Marine Corps ROTC cadet was recognized for exceptional performance at summer training for future officers. The 2018 Marine Corps Commandant’s Trophy was presented to Cadet Alex Dragan ’20 by Maj. Gen. James “Chip” Bierman ’87.

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