Celebrating 50 Years of The Institute Society

Join us as we celebrate a remarkable 50-year legacy of philanthropy, culminating in a momentous celebration Nov. 8, 2024.

A Look Back at 50 Years of The Institute Society


A Rich History

The mission of VMI seamlessly aligns with a global need for honorable leaders, selfless service, and personal sacrifice for the greater good. Members of the Institute Society are philanthropic leaders supporting this proven mission.

The VMI Foundation applauds these thoughtful donors for their individual and collective generosity and their shaping influence on the exceptional quality of a VMI education.

As boldly today as in its humble beginnings in November 1974, the Institute Society continues to provide academic and leadership opportunities for cadets, enhance endowments to help attract and retain top-notch faculty members, and donate necessary unrestricted support for VMI.

Importantly, these annual gifts also help resource and safeguard immutable cadet-run barracks systems—honor, class, and regimental—demanding personal accountability and thoughtful leadership.

If you place a high value on the importance of principled leadership in our nation and believe in the unmatched preparation of VMI cadets for lives well lived as citizen-soldiers, then you would feel very much at home as a member of the Institute Society.

On Nov. 8, 2024, the VMI Foundation will celebrate 50 years of the Institute Society. Join us–make your leadership gift today.

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“That is the value of the private support. [It] allows us take advantage of opportunities, to make investments, make strategic changes, and we can advance our priorities.”

Brig. Gen. Dallas Clark ’99 Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Support

Operating from a Position of Strength vs. Scarcity

Colleges and universities operate from positions of opportunity or scarcity. Many colleges simply don’t have enough to pursue excellence, and subsist in a steady state of simply getting by.

Thanks to years of endowment-building and thoughtful annual funding by you, our leading donors, VMI operates from a position of strength. The Institute is resourced in ways that allow faculty, staff, and cadets to do more:

  • VMI added a Constitutional History class much sooner than state funding would have allowed.
  • VMI took immediate action on three projects that would have been delayed (or lost) by state timelines otherwise.
  • With accessible funds, VMI and the VMI Foundation acted swiftly to initiate the Call to Duty Scholarship program with the Class of 2027 and will now look to broader fundraising and state support to sustain.

50 Years of the Institute Society Logo with dates 1974-2024


Join The Institute Society and celebrate a remarkable 50-year legacy of philanthropy Nov. 8, 2024.

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