Class Agent Central

Class agents are the link between their class and VMI via the VMI Alumni Agencies. Class agents keep in touch with their class through various means. Below is a brief overview of class agent duties:

  • Class Notes: Class agents submit class notes for publication in the Alumni Review four times per year.
  • Other magazine sections: Class agents also submit information for other sections of the Review, including:
  • Our Alumni Serving: Photos and captions of alumni serving in any capacity (military to Cub Scouts and anything in between)
  • Alumni News: Promotions, new jobs, awards, etc. (can include a photo or only text)
  • Book Announcements: Books written by alumni (a hard copy must be mailed to the Review staff)
  • Births, marriages and degrees: Published in the Alumni Review at the end of the class notes section.
  • Taps: If there is a death in the class, the Agencies will notify the class agent, who will then notify the rest of the class. Class agents also notify the Agencies when they receive news of a death in the class. A notification of death is published in the Taps section of the Review, and anyone can submit a personal memory for the After Taps section through the class agent.
Detailed Class Agent Responsibilities (PDF)