Grad School Partnerships

The Reputation

VMI Alumni carry with them the benefit of an institution known for graduates who are honorable, hard-working, steadfast leaders.

VMI holds several agreements with graduate and professional schools in a number of academic disciplines. If interested in learning more about the available partnerships, please contact the individual points of contact below or Michelle Iten at


  • The University of Virginia Darden School of Business – Col. Jennifer E. Pullin
  • College of William & Mary Mason School of Business – Col. Jeff Smith


Computer and Information Sciences – Dr. Mohamed Azab

  • Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science
  • Virginia Tech Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of Engineering – Col. Michael Hardin


English, Writing and Creative Arts

  • Nova Southeastern University, Composition, Rhetoric and Digital Media program


Health Sciences – Col. Wade Bell | Pre-Health Advisor

  • Murphy Deming College of Health Science
  • VCU School of Medicine
  • Via College of Osteopathic Medicine


Law – Maj. Tim Passmore | Pre-Law Advisor

  • University of Richmond School of Law
  • University of Virginia School of Law


Mathematics and Operations Research | Col. John David

  • George Mason University, Operations Research and System Engineering program


Graduate School Scholarships

Graduates from VMI may apply for postgraduate scholarships to support their graduate and professional study. These scholarships are for those pursuing a graduate degree in any field, including law, business or engineering. Application materials and instructions are available from Col. Patrick Rhamey ( The deadline for the receipt of all applications materials is March 29 each year.

Scholarship Announcement Scholarship Application