Rifle Teams Finish Fifth, Sixth in Conference

rifle team

The VMI mixed rifle team took fifth place and the VMI women’s team earned sixth place to conclude the Southern Conference Rifle Championships March 7 afternoon at Kilbourne Hall.

The two-day event finished March 7 with the air rifle competition as the smallbore was finished March 6. North Georgia claimed the overall title after earning the air rifle championship (2330, a new SoCon record for the air rifle category). Georgia Southern, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and The Citadel came in ahead of the VMI teams. Wofford and The Citadel women’s team rounded out the competition. Savanah Diamond ’22 on the women’s team led all VMI participants in the air rifle competition with a 576, good for 14th on the day. James Doucett  ’23 (573 AR) and Jessica Hankin ’22 (571 AR) rounded out the VMI cadet-athletes in the top 20. Samantha Reid ’22 (569 AR), Christopher Hicks ’24 (564 AR), and Simon Krauthamer ’22 (561 AR) each added points for the mixed team.

On the women’s team, Claire Lee ’22 (569 AR) finished behind Diamond as the top VMI finishers for the segment. Sarah Robertson ’23 (555 AR), and Maxine Gray-Barth ’24 (554 AR) all added points for the squad.

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Overall Team Results
North Georgia: 2270 SB, 2330 AR, 4600 Agg
Georgia Southern: 2278 SB, 2318 AR, 4596 Agg
UAB: 2254 SB, 2319 AR, 4573 Agg
The Citadel: 2246 SB, 2322 AR, 4568 Agg
VMI: 2240 SB, 2277 AR, 4517 Agg
VMI (W): 2159 SB, 2262 AR, 4421 Agg
Wofford: 2151 SB, 2219 AR, 4370 Agg
The Citadel (W): 2095 SB, 2230 AR, 4325 Agg

VMI Mixed Team
James Doucett: 18th, 573 AR
Jessica Hankin: 20th, 571 AR
Samantha Reid: 23rd, 569 AR
Christopher Hicks: 28th, 564 AR
Simon Krauthamer: 31st, 561 AR

VMI Women’s Team
Savanah Diamond: 14th, 576 AR
Claire Lee: 22nd, 569 AR
Sarah Robertson: 33rd, 555 AR
Maxine Gray-Barth: 34th, 554 AR

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