Class of 2018

Welcome, Class of 2018!

Your reunion will be held Sept. 22—23, 2023.

Meet Your Reunion Chair

Present and Accounted For

We hope you make plans to be present at your reunion. Encourage your brother rats to come back too! While you reflect on your cadetship and strong connections with one another, we also invite you to be accounted for by making a gift that reflects your gratitude for and support of VMI and today’s Corps of Cadets. Consistent support through annual giving inspires the progress of our Institute.

Information last updated Friday, September 1.

Check out the list below for who will be present at the reunion. If you see someone who is missing from this list, reach out to them! You can find contact information for your BRs on VMI Ranks. While you’re there, be sure to update your own information.

  • Paul Ackerman
  • William Atwill
  • Joshua Bissell
  • Manuel Bloch
  • McKenzie (Raber) Bowling
  • Liam Burke
  • Andrew Campo
  • Kevin Carson
  • Zachary Clark
  • Ross Condrey
  • Julia Daly
  • Chelsie Divver
  • Andrew Faulhaber
  • Christopher Ferrell
  • Benjamin Fields
  • Jack Flynn
  • Jacob Foley
  • Eli Forbes
  • Steven Foster
  • Emily Fulton
  • Levi Harmon
  • Angeleah Haseltine
  • Daniel Holmes
  • Samuel Hutchins
  • Ian Johnson
  • Alan Lloyd
  • Conner Murphy
  • Samantha Pacheco
  • Stephen Reiback
  • Thomas Schmitt
  • Mason Sedlacek
  • John Sinel-Barr
  • Benjamin Washechek
  • Christian Williams
  • William Woodward

Stand up and be “accounted for” during this reunion. The Corp of Cadets now marches to the same drummer as we once did— in our shoes, as it were. We can be helpful to those now marching a mile in our boots. Everyone who has a current pledge or makes a gift in the current fiscal year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) will count. Make a gift of any size and be a VMI supporter.

  • Catie Berry
  • Manuel Bloch
  • Ross Condrey
  • Paul Conteh
  • Julia Daly
  • Matt Dunlevy
  • Cole Elliott
  • Andrew Faulhaber
  • Benjamin Fields
  • Samuel Hutchins
  • Ian Johnson
  • Jade Maher
  • Stephen Reibach
  • Woody Woodward