Compete to Win: Special Ops Campaign Supports Athletic Operations

The VMI family came forward with more than $182,000 in direct support of the Institute’s athletic program, as well as each of its 18 athletic teams, during the Compete to Win: Special Ops campaign May 3-4, 2022.

The campaign’s focus, according to Andrew C. Deal ’12, Keydet Club chief operating officer, was “enhancing the experience for our cadet-athletes—from their travel experience, to equipment, and to the overall improvement of our facilities.” Some of these things might seem small, but they are important. “If our cadet-athletes stay in a hotel and have better nutrition before an event, they’ll be better prepared to compete,” said Deal.

“It’s much the same with equipment and facilities. Better equipment and facilities help hone the competitive edge of our teams. They also aid our coaches in their recruitment efforts.”

The campaign featured videos messages from Jim Miller, interim director of intercollegiate athletics, Deal, and coaches; a dedicated email campaign; and an enhanced social media effort. “We wanted to be sure the entire VMI family understood the need to help their favorite teams and the program as a whole.”

In two days, more than 425 people came forward with their support and directed support to every team as well as the Athletic Director’s Discretionary Fund. Deal pointed out that many of them made their first gifts in support of VMI’s cadet-athletes. “Seeing people of all ages join the ranks of Keydet Club donors has been one of most satisfying aspects of this campaign,” said Deal. “Their participation indicates there is a growing confidence in the direction of our athletic program and the Institute as a whole.”

While the campaign is officially concluded, according to Deal, it continues to inspire donors. “Gifts are still coming in, and some people have contacted us about possible major gifts.”

“It has been gratifying to see how the VMI family has responded to this campaign. We thank everyone who participated in it and so helped ensure our cadet-athletes experience excellence in training and competition,” Deal concluded.

  • Scott Belliveau

    Scott Belliveau '83 Communications Officer - Executive Projects

    The communications officer supports the strategy for all communications, including web content, public relations messages and collateral pieces in order to articulate and promote the mission of the VMI Alumni Agencies and promote philanthropy among varied constituencies.