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2024 Compete to Win Showcases Support for VMI Athletics

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Held May 7–9, 2024, the VMI Keydet Club’s third annual crowdfunding campaign, Compete to Win, brought members of the VMI family together to raise $308,249.34 for VMI athletics. It was the Keydet Club’s most successful crowdfunding campaign yet, with 618 individuals making gifts in support of cadet-athletes.

Supporters were invited to donate to any of VMI’s NCAA sports teams or to the athletic director’s discretionary fund, branded as the Whole Damn Team. Thanks to an outstanding show of support, six of the 12 categories to be funded met or surpassed their goals: Whole Damn Team, men’s soccer, men’s and women’s rifle, water polo, wrestling, and men’s and women’s track and field.
Go Keydets! [VMI Compete to Win logo] Go Keydets! 3 Days. 618 Donors. $308,249 Raised. Top 3 Teams by Amount Raised #1 - Men's Soccer $102,296.96 #2 Football - $30,957.92 #3 - Track & Field $26,646,97
The crowdfunding campaign produced a particularly impressive result for the men’s soccer team, as that team received the highest amount—$102,296.96—more than double its $50,000 goal, providing vital funding for a program on the upswing. In fall 2023, the men’s soccer team marked its most wins in a season since 2007 and scored its first Division I win since 2014, in addition to several cadet-athletes receiving postseason honors.

The men’s and women’s rifle teams also benefitted handsomely from the campaign. By the morning of day two, Wednesday, the original goal of $16,000 had been met. Less than 24 hours later, a second goal of $20,000 was achieved. In the end, members of the VMI family provided $22,163 in support to VMI rifle, which was nationally ranked for the first time in its history in fall 2023.

Other teams that exceeded their goals included water polo ($5,000 goal, $7,165 raised), men’s and women’s track and field ($25,000 goal, $26,646.97 raised), and wrestling ($20,000 goal, $20,757.77 raised). The Whole Damn Team category also significantly surpassed its original mark of $10,000, raising $15,511.15. The teams receiving the most widespread support were men’s soccer (105 donors), football (94), baseball (74), and wrestling (70). Gifts came from 40 of the 50 states.

“I am so proud of our team for the execution of this year’s Compete to Win,” said Andrew Deal ’12, Keydet Club chief operating officer and Alumni Agencies director of development. “Their effort and dedication are critical to the overall success. Also, I was overwhelmed by the support shown by our alumni, friends, and families of VMI athletics. At the end of the day, it is all about our cadet-athletes and the ability to provide them with a positive experience. We are thrilled to be able to positively impact them!”

To view the complete results of the Compete to Win campaign, click here.

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