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Class of 2027 Breakout

Class of 2027 posing with sandbags in the shape of

Following suit with last year in a return to a decades-old tradition, Breakout was held on a weekday, with activities beginning in the morning and resuming in the evening after the conclusion of the academic day. Breakout began the morning of Feb. 6, 2024, with a blast from Little John in barracks, followed by a workout on North Post. Rats completed a regular academic day, then resumed activities in the afternoon with a log march from North Post to barracks, culminating in a crawl across the Parade Ground. Once each class had the opportunity to give the rats one last sweat party, the physical aspect of Breakout was done. Rats and their dykes then enjoyed a dinner in Crozet Hall featuring Stephen Neas III ’77, guest speaker. After dinner, the Class of 2027 celebrated their new cadetship with their first Old Yell.

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