VMI Investment Holdings, LLC

Thanks to the exceptional generosity and vision of thousands of VMI alumni and friends, the Institute is supported by endowments that produce millions of dollars each year, the majority of which are earmarked for specific purposes, such as merit-based scholarships. The importance of this money to the success of VMI over the long term cannot be overstated.

Since 2009, the members of the board of VMI Investment Holdings, LLC, have been committed to ensuring a growing pool of private money is available to VMI and to executing their responsibilities as stewards of these vital funds with care and diligence.

Board Members

  • Daryl L. Deke ’82
  • Thomas S. Greenspon ’85
  • Kurt A. Polk ’95
  • Ernesto V. Sampson Jr. ’98
  • William L. Taliaferro Jr. ’95
  • Clifford M. Yonce