The Office of Finance & Administration

maintains the maximum possible level of transparency and, thus, trust, through all advancement services to include gift processing, reporting and investing.

  • David Prasnicki

    David Prasnicki Chief Financial Officer

    The chief financial officer serves as a true business partner to the CEO of the Alumni Agencies as well as to the other agency heads. The CFO assists in selecting and engaging outside consultants (auditors and investment advisers) and oversees short and long-term budgetary planning and costs. The CFO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the accounting department, and mail center and also manages personnel policies, and audit committee. The CFO reports directly to the CEO.

    Tracy Akers

    Tracy Akers Database Manager

    The database manager, under the direction and supervision of the CFO, supervises, plans, coordinates and assists the data entry department, answers general questions and reviews problems with data entry procedures and gift processing. The manager provides support to all departments of the Alumni Agencies for the Raisers Edge software. The manager creates complex queries and reports as needed within the Agencies and to VMI as needed.

    Cathy Blalock

    Cathy Blalock Accounting Specialist

    The accounting specialist’s responsibilities include keeping financial records updated, preparing reports and reconciling accounts. The specialist utilizes accounting software programs to process business transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, disbursements, expense vouchers and receipts. The specialist ensures the VMI Alumni Agencies’ daily accounting functions run accurately and effectively.

    Cheryl Cathcart

    Cheryl Cathcart Director of Human Resources

    Under the general direction of the CFO, the director of human resources performs human resources related duties at the professional level including but not limited to employee recruitment/selection, compensation, health insurance reimbursements and implementation of policies and procedures in accordance with the handbook of the VMI Alumni Agencies.

    Crissy Elliott

    Crissy Elliott Financial Controller

    The financial controller plans, coordinates, controls, supervises and participates in the provision of activities and services relating to accounting and finance and administration and also serves as secretary of the VMI Investment Holdings, LLC.

    Jackie Flint

    Jackie Flint Mail Room Manager

    The mail room manager directs and oversees mail room activities, including the sorting and delivery of incoming mail, as well as the preparation and sending of outgoing mail. The manager monitors inventory and reorders items as needed.

    Brandy Hulvey

    Brandy Hulvey Database Specialist

    The database specialist, under the direction of the CFO and the database manager, maintains the VMI Alumni Agencies’ electronic records. The specialist is responsible for providing a variety of data entry, reports and documentation in a timely manner.

    Wanda Sorrells

    Wanda Sorrells Data Entry Operator

    The data entry operator creates, updates and maintains records of alumni, current cadets, parents, widows/widowers and companies or foundations. Records include commission, rank and branch if applicable, as well as gift entry for cash, checks or credit cards.