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Athletics with Andrew Deal ’12


Why VMI Athletics?

NCAA athletic programs are foundational on college campuses across the county. When done well, such programs further the institution’s overall educational mission.

At VMI, the traditional values learned as athletes such as superb physical fitness, discipline, resolute character, sportsmanship, and teamwork, are identical to the mission-based values that are building blocks for the entire Corps of Cadets.

For 150 years, intercollegiate athletics have been an integral part of VMI’s life and culture. Continuing VMI’s proud athletic tradition is one of the principal objectives of annual and endowment giving.

Keydet Club Scholarship Fund

The Keydet Club Scholarship Fund provides grant-in-aid support, helps VMI recruit broadly, inspires access and helps mitigate the cost of attendance. Cadet-athletes excel in all facets of cadet life and compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics while earning a VMI degree.

Team-Specific Scholarship Fund

Team-specific scholarship funds directly support VMI’s NCAA cadet-athletes as they develop into leaders on and off their respective fields.

Meet Josh Winder ’19

Josh Winder ’19 wanted to play at the highest level of competition in college athletics. He set his sights on the goal and practiced hard to be noticed by the VMI coaches. Indeed, when offered the Gil Minor ’63 Annual Scholarship, Winder jumped at the chance to become a VMI cadet-athlete. In addition to honing his skills on the field, his coaches pressed him to be a well-rounded cadet and to embrace the system so that he could benefit from the experience in the future. Conquering the rigors within the Corps of Cadets as well as a member of the team, Winder did not let them down.

Winder was drafted by the Minnesota Twins and spent summer 2018 playing professional baseball. His course was set in his sport and yet, he elected to return to the Institute to obtain his degree because he sees the value of a VMI diploma.

“The athletic teams here – unlike any other place in the country – know what it means to give it their all on and off the field. We fully understand the unique opportunity we have been given and do not take it for granted.”

Athletic and Academic Highlights

  • Winder became the third-highest draft pick in school history when he was selected in the seventh round by the Minnesota Twins.
  • He finished his baseball career at VMI tied for third in wins and second in strikeouts in Institute history.

Winder became the third-highest draft pick in school history when he was selected in the seventh round by the Minnesota Twins.

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Make dreams happen, improve competitiveness and change lives.

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