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2020 Award Recipients

Awards Ceremony


All of the non-graduate, faculty and staff awards will be announced during a ceremony at Convocation in August. At this time, it has not been decided if this will be an in-person or virtual event.

Intercollegiate Sports Awards

Garrett Scott Gilkeson ’20

Neal Ethen Richards II ’20

Isabel Rosa French ’20

Charles R. Martin ’55 Award

Emma Rose Noble ’20

Lieutenant General Edward Mallory Almond ’15  Award

Emma Rose Noble ’20

The John W. and Jane M. Roberts Award

Jonathan Michael Clines ’20

General Withers A. Burress Marksmanship Award

Hunter Kalani Jacob ’20

Kelia Dane Aardema ’20

The Lieutenant John H. Lattin ’66 Award

Joseph Patrick Gummo ’20

Colonel Thomas St. John Arnold Award

Andrew Michael Ladi IV ’20

Brigadier General Alonzo J. Walter ’49B Award

Santiago Joaquin Lopez ’20

The Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. ’43 Award in Chemistry

Santiago Joaquin Lopez ’20

CMDR H.M. Mason Military Proficiency Award

Santiago Joaquin Lopez ’20

Lieutenant Mark R. Wilson, Sr. Midshipman Award

Cade Christian Kiely ’20

Civil Engineering Award

James Edward Tulskie ’20

The Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished Midshipman Graduate Award

MacGregor W. Baxter ’20

Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury Award

MacGregor W. Baxter ’20

United Daughters of the Confederacy: Stonewall Jackson Award

MacGregor W. Baxter ’20

Chesty Puller Award, First Marine Division

Stewart McLeod Spurry ’20

Class of 1964 New Market Legacy Award

Stewart McLeod Spurry ’20

COL Herbert Nash Dillard ’34 Award

Nicholas John Wainwright ’20

Lieutenant Randolph T. Townsend Award

Nicholas John Wainwright ’20

General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Sixth Marine Division Award

Joshua David Austin ’20

Jeffrey Chase Whitney ’20

Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr. ’81 Award

Jamie Ann Foster ’20

General Douglas MacArthur Cadet Award

Austin William Stansberry ’20

Earl L. Valentine, Jr. Award

Jack Cameron Taggart ’20

Class of 1964 New Market Legacy Award

Frank Harvey Barksdale ’20

Asa S. Dearing Award

Dolan Jack Delaney ’20

Naval Submarine League: Admiral Frederick B. Warder Award

Aaron Richard Barraclough ’20

Stewart W. Anderson ’08 Memorial Award

Francis Phillip Celentano ’20

Adolpho Ponzanelli Award

Samuel Robert Trepp ’20

Thomas S. Baur ’75 Award for Excellence in Exercise Science

Nicholas Cole Bordonie ’20

Superintendent William H. Milton, Jr. Class of 1920 Award

James Francis Zecchini ’20

Institute Honors Thesis Award: Engineering & Science

Jennifer Ann Baily ’20

Institute Honors Thesis Award: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Madeleine Sophie Barrett ’20

International Studies Award

Madeleine Sophie Barrett ’20

Samantha Paige Franklin ’20

Alfred H. Knowles Award

Jacob Matthew Rao Baehman ’20

The Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr. ’26 Research Award: Information & Social Sciences

Tristan Lee Howard ’20

Advisor: Col. Barry R. Cobb

The Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr. ’26 Research Award: Arts & Humanities

Cameron James McNeil ’20

Advisor: Maj. Jochen S. Arndt

The Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr., ’26 Research Award: Natural Sciences

John Calvin Dickenson ’20

Advisor: Lt. Col. Daniel P. Harrison

The Colonel Daniel T. Ingram 1921 – Castle Heights Military Academy Award

Bryant Jacob Smilie ’20